About TIES Depot


TIES Depot - Service K-12 and higher education, parents, students, libraries, government agencies and other non-profit organizations.
"TIES offers real value in purchasing. We buy all of our computers and monitors through TIES because TIES keeps us informed about deals."
– Connie Erickson, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Schools

We know the needs of education

TIES Depot is dedicated to serving K-12 and higher education, including parents and students. It also assists libraries, government agencies and other nonprofit organizations.

Owned by a consortium of K-12 school districts, TIES Depot leverages volume purchases through nationally bid contracts to give even the smallest customers the lowest prices.

TIES Depot technology specialists are dedicated to providing unmatched service, advice and technical support to deliver solutions that work for education.

Other Services from TIES

TIES offers cutting-edge Internet services, technical consulting and technology audits. Visit www.ties.k12.mn.us for more information.



Technology AuditS

TIES - Internet Services TIES - Technical Consulting TIES - Technology Audits
Enterprise and residential Internet access and services, school and district web pages, and web and e-mail hosting.
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Expert consulting on technology planning and audits, and system and network design management and installation.
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Professional review of existing technology, processes and policies offers a big-picture perspective to help you prioritize your technology goals.
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